The Kindleberger Summer Festival of the Performing Arts week, Wednesday, July 12 through Sunday, July 16, 2017, includes the annual family musical production, youth play, and much more!
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The Kindleberger Summer Concert Series schedule is a diverse collection of music performing over nine weekends. Come and enjoy a relaxing evening in at The Stage in Kindleberger Park located in Parchment, MI.
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Volunteer Opportunities July 12 - July 16
The Kindleberger Summer Festival of the Performing Arts needs you to help make this yearly community event a huge success!
2017 Kindleberger Festival of the Performing Arts Dates
The Kindleberger Arts Commission is excited to announce the dates for the 2017 Kindleberger Festival for the Performing Arts!

The Kindleberger Arts Commission has an exciting summer of community entertainment and we invite you to visit Parchment for these annual events.

The Kindleberger Summer Festival of the Performing Arts and Kindleberger Summer Concert Series is organized by volunteers and supported by donations, local grants and special fundraising events. They are truly locally-organized events that have been part of the Parchment community for a number of years. Be a part of our hometown atmosphere. We welcome you to visit Parchment and Kindleberger Park.

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