The Kindleberger Arts Commission has an exciting summer of community entertainment and we invite you to visit Parchment for these annual events.

The 2016 Kindleberger Summer Festival of the Performing Arts week, Wednesday, July 6 through Sunday, July 10, includes the annual family musical production, and youth play. Our car show, arts and crafts day, 5K community race and Kids Fun Run, parade, kid’s area, and food vendors are great opportunities for families to spend a day enjoying a wide-range of activities and community.

The Kindleberger Summer Festival of the Performing Arts and Kindleberger Summer Concert Series is organized by volunteers and supported by donations, local grants and special fundraising events. They are truly locally-organized events that have been part of the Parchment community for a number of years. Be a part of our hometown atmosphere. We welcome you to visit Parchment and Kindleberger Park!


CAST LIST for "Brigadoon"

Contacts: Jan Watson, Theater Chairperson or Ken Holda, Director


Tommy Albright-Mick Jutila
Jeff Douglas-Josh Danks
Frank-RJ Soule
Jane Ashton-Rachel Piper

Andrew-Gary Willoughby
Fiona-Taylor Gudbrandson
Jean-Laura DeMerell

Stuart-James Geary
Charlie-Zach Husak
Heather Cerridwen
Amy Dunham  

Archie-Bob Brady
Harry-John Culbertson

Angus-Bob Piellusch
Jackie Williams
Krissy Baker
Katy TerBerg
Caitlin Sackett

RJ Soule
Lisa Brannan
Maggie-Anna Grossi
DJ Brannan
Carrie Phillips

David Christopher
Rachel Piper
Kyrsten Newlon
Christian Heintzelman

Sandy Dean- Maggie Timmer
Meg Brockie-Alissa Britigan
Mr. Lundie-Lou Price

Congratulations to all!

Our first Company Meeting will be on Monday, May 23 at 6:00 pm, at the St. Ambrose Church Social Hall,
1628 East G Avenue, in Parchment, FOLLOWED BY OUR FIRST REHEARSAL FROM 7:00-10:00 pm.  The ENTIRE CAST AND CREW is expected to attend, with a parent if you are under 18.

Thank you to everyone who auditioned! - Ken Holda, Director

Visit www.kindleberger.org for all Festival information!


CAST AND CREW LIST for "Pirates of the Amazon: The Treasure of Mystery Island"

Contacts: Jan Watson, Theater Chairperson or Zac Thompson, Director


Jenny Silver                Zoey Huizing
Amelia                    Sara Verduzio
Pegg Legg                Elijah Sanders
Tessie O’Timbers            Abby Meyer
Mrs Hook                Gracie Parsons
Parrot                    Cecilia Messenger
I Patch                    Alison Barnett
Sally of the Seas            Rebekah Lueck
Cutlass Kate                Mollie McDonald
Bertha McJiggers            Megan Henderson
Lucy Lockett / Creature        Maarja Rose Lueck
Barnacle Jack / Creature        Damian Slusher
Davida Jones / Creature        Kate Roelof
Agatha Strong / Creature        Sarah Mughazy
Sir Roderick Betterton        Jadon Weber
Lady Virginia Betterton        Shelby Alexander
Carraway / Ivan the Terrible    Calvin Willson
Butler Prima / Creature        Ayda Jayne Boone
Butler Seconde / Creature        Claire Vos
Ethel Mermaid            McKenna Laabs
Eddie                    Aiden Wall
Elvis                    Andrew Klepser
Monster / Kangaroo Kid        Colin Cunningham

Technical Crew:
Clara Closson
Amelia Coloskey
Sadey Huizing
Mackenzie Jonas
Sara Roelof

I would like to congratulate and thank everyone for a terrific set of auditions.  Remember that the first company meeting is on Monday, May 23, at 6:00 pm at St. Ambrose Church Social Hall.  The ENTIRE CAST AND CREW is expected to attend, along with a parent or guardian.

This is a quick information meeting and rehearsals will start full swing on Tuesday, May 24 from 4:30 to 6:30 pm at St. Ambrose.      

-Zac Thompson, Director

Visit www.kindleberger.org for all Festival information!



Details coming soon!

Details coming soon!

Details coming soon!

If you have never brought your kids down to enjoy the FREE children’s area, you should really stop by and check it out!

You can start at the Kalamazoo Astronomy Club and learn how to use their telescopes and find out fun facts about the sky!! Then head over to the balloon artist to watch him make your favorite pink poodle from a couple of simple balloons. Then on to the Crafts tent where Tracy, our Children’s Area Coordinator, will give you all the supplies you need to make the craft of the day! The odd sounds coming from the Kalamazoo Symphony Orchestra tent may entice you over to try your hand at playing any of the amazing instruments set out for hands on learning with the instrument ‘petting zoo’. Then you can wander next door to the REAL petting zoo and check out some fun and friendly animals from the local 4H groups. Don’t forget to stop by the face painting booth and have a local art teacher paint a perfect butterfly or baseball on your cheek!! If you get a chance, we also feature a bounce house, arts and crafts from a local church, and a talented caricaturist!

The Children’s Area is designed for kids ages 12 and under and everything is FREE!!

In addition to all that the Children's Area has to offer Borgess Helmets sets up a booth to help you find the appropriate sized bike helmet at a low cost!

Details coming soon!


Details coming soon!


Details coming soon!



Details coming soon!


Details coming soon!





Details coming soon!



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